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Williams corr au TMS Biomarker protocol Figure 3.png


Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is becoming a gold standard in treatment for pharmacoresistant depression; however, we still lack target-driven biomarkers to identify who is most likely to respond to rTMS and what changes in the brain drive this response. In the proposed biomarker-driven observational study we focus on neural networks for cognitive control implicated in the mechanisms of the effect of rTMS and in clinical and functional outcomes in pharmacoresistant depression.
This is a multisite study being conducted at VA Palo Alto, Stanford University, Providence VAMC, Brown University, White River Junction VAMC, Dartmouth College, Minneapolis VAMC, and the University of Minnesota.
To learn more about our rTMS study, read our recent article in Psychiatric News, "TMS May Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression, PTSD in Veterans" and watch the VA Palo Alto Health Care System Veterans Teletown Hall talk given by Dr. Michelle Madore at the link below:

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