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In collaboration with Dr. Trisha Suppes’ Exploratory Therapeutics Laboratory, we had the opportunity to build on the first VA trial of psilocybin in a tandem study using functional neuroimaging. The functional neuroimaging arm of the Stanford Psilocybin Veterans with Treatment Resistant Depression Study is examining the impact of a single dose of psilocybin on brain circuit function pre- and post-psilocybin dosing for each individual person.  We enrolled Veterans with treatment resistant depression (TRD).  


This study is an essential foundation for future projects that make progress in precision psychiatry and using psilocybin as a personalized and safe therapeutic. Through a precision neuroscience-based approach, we are assessing individualized remission profiles based on brain circuit function. We link brain function to a rich data set of measures of each person’s experience.


Faculty members involved in this study include Drs. Leanne Williams, Laura Hack and Trisha Suppes.

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