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Over the years, the PMHW has built an extensive dataset for mental health research. Our database comprises of data collected across clinical and healthy populations using several different modalities. 
Some highlights of the data collected by the PMHW include:
- More than 6600 brain scans
- More than 5200 standardized cognitive tests
- More than 2700 data on genetic single nucleotide polymorphisms
- More than 7000 questionnaires pertaining to various aspects of
mental health & wellbeing
- More than 1800 free-form text descriptions of subjective
experiences of mental illness 
We always welcome proposals from scientists who would like to access this data for their research and for collaborations. Also, we have many opportunities for students or volunteers that involve analyzing data or helping us maintain and quality check the database. 
If you are interested in working with our data, please fill in the following survey below and we will be in touch! 

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