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CNN 'A study identified 6 types of depression. Here's why that matters'

June 20, 2024

CNN article discussing latest

findings in Nature Medicine publication.

'A study identified 6 biotypes of depression. Here's why that matters'

For some people with depression, finding the right medication can be a process of trial and error lasting for months or even years, which can worsen symptoms.

But what if doctors, when diagnosing someone with depression, could assess exactly how depression is affecting a patient’s brain and prescribe a treatment that gets it right the first time?

Scientists may be a step closer to that reality, thanks to new research that has identified six subtypes — or “biotypes” — of major depression via brain imaging combined with machine learning. 



June 17, 2024

'Six distinct types of depression identified in Stanford Medicine-led study'

Brain imaging, known as functional MRI, combined with machine learning can predict a treatment response based on one’s depression “biotype.

By: Rachel Tompa

In the not-too-distant future, a screening assessment for depression could include a quick brain scan to identify the best treatment.

Brain imaging combined with machine learning can reveal subtypes of depression and anxiety, according to a new study led by researchers at Stanford Medicine. The study, published June 17 in the journal Nature Medicine, sorts depression into six biological subtypes, or “biotypes,” and identifies treatments that are more likely or less likely to work for three of these subtypes.

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