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Join us in changing the landscape of mental health across the globe.

To apply as a Research Member to the Stanford Center for Precision Mental Health and Wellness (PMHW), please read the policy below and fill in the brief questionnaire. Once your application is received and approved, your Community Academic Profile (CAP) will be updated to reflect your membership.


PMHW at Stanford engages the academic and research strengths of the Stanford School of Medicine (SoM), along with Stanford's six other schools, independent labs, institutes, and centers, so that they incrementally apply their research engines to issues connecting brain function and mental health, and to translate those discoveries into ways to detect mental disorders earlier, identify optimal treatments faster and ultimately help more patients. The overarching goal is to develop a new model for understanding mental health and treating mental health disorders – particularly for depression, encompassing all stages from the potential risk of depression to chronic, overt disorder. The model will integrate our understanding of the brain with each person’s individual experience, then use these very precise measures to determine, in a very individualized way, what intervention is going to be useful.


The Roadmap for Precision Mental Health includes:


  • Personal Biotype Imaging

  • Novel Technologies

  • Targeted Interventions

  • Data Sciences and Computation including Artificial Intelligence

  • Clinical Translation and Biotype-Guided Trials

  • Mechanistic and Intervention Trials

To facilitate these efforts, the principles guiding Research membership in PMHW are for the Center to be inclusive and for the members to be responsive to, and responsible for, the needs of the mental health and wellness research community.


Research Members of PMHW must:


  • Hold a doctoral degree: MD, Ph.D., or their equivalents.

  • Hold an appointment in the following lines within the SoM or Stanford University: CE/MCL/NTLR/NTLT/UTL or be an Instructor, Clinical or Postdoctoral Fellow.

  • Carry out work in support of the strategic priorities of PMHW as they relate to innovation in precision mental health and wellness and training of research partners.

  • Have fulfilled their responsibilities as members of PMHW during the preceding year.


Research Partner Members of PMHW are able to cross-collaborate with researchers across campus and utilize shared knowledge and spaces to better the field and the mission of the Center for Precision Mental Health and Wellness. Members will have access to a repository of resources and a framework for interdisciplinary work along with a model for building cohesive collaborative networks.  


PMHW Research Partner Members must, when appropriate:


  • Present at a minimum of one PMHW event per year (seminar, symposium, etc.)

  • Annually update Stanford Profile, formerly Community Academic Profile (CAP), including publications & photographs.

  • If publishing or receiving funding for related precision mental health and wellness work, provide an update no later than one month after receipt of the notice of award or one week after notice of publication. This reporting will allow the Center to assess the work being conducted by members, and funding of the field, and communicate work in associated newsletters and communications. Reporting will be in a format requested by the PMHW administration.

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