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4th Annual Symposium

Friday, September 13th

More information coming soon.

Click below to watch recordings from our 3rd Annual Precision Mental Health and Wellness Symposium presentations.


Reimagine Mental Health

Our vision is for a precision approach to psychiatry in which neuroscience insights about the human brain are translated into real world clinical care and to improve the quality
of individual lives.


These strategic research themes below are supported by data and computational resources of the Center.  Insights are disseminated through our educational and outreach activities.

Precision Preventions and Diagnostics

Develop precise tests for detecting mental illness and risk factors. Integrate circuit, behavioral, and physiological measures, across the lifespan. Improve the quality of life and reduce suicidality.

Precision Treatment Matching

Optimize neuroscience-based measures to get the right treatment to each person sooner. Limit trial-and-error. Include medication, neuromodulation, and behavioral and digital treatments, across the lifespan. Keep people well longer and reduce suicidality.

Precision Strategies for Novel and Exploratory Therapeutics

Advance new treatments, including selective ‘repurposed’ compounds, entactogens, ketamine, psychedelics, and digital therapies.
Use neuroscience-based measures to understand benefits and risks, who they are effective for, and why.

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